Race Details

November 14th, 2015

Start Time:
8:00 am Both Races
(Gates open at 6:00 am)

Ravine Gardens State Park
1600 Twigg St
Palatka, FL 32177

The Azalea 12/24 Hour and new 50m race will take place in the beautiful Ravine Gardens State
Park located in the heart of Palatka, Fl. You will run on a smooth asphalt 2 mile loop (USATF
Certified) that includes difficult inclines and declines that will challenge both your physical
fitness and mental fortitude. Runners will start at the highest point then wind their way to the
bottom of the ravine. Along the route you will pass various historical landmarks that make the
Ravine Gardens one for the best parks in Florida. Some of these include the outdoor
amphitheater, Court of States, and other original structures dating back to the 1930s. You will
then make their way back to the top for the ravine to complete one loop.

Time Limit:

12 or 24 hour options are available. There will be no extensions. Runners do not have to complete their final loop at the cut off hour. Volunteers will be on course in advance to mark your location. Please be patient while the final measurements are calculated. 50m race will have a 15 hour cut off.

Aid Stations:

There will only be one AS along the course. The AS will be fully stocked with a wide variety of foods, gels and electrolyte drink. Foods will include, but are not limited to: potatoes and salt, PB & Js, fruits, chips, soups, wraps, candies, sodas, bacon, etc…Bringing your own supplies is highly encouraged, especially ice.

Pacers & Crew:

We welcome you to bring pacers and crew to this race. Experiencing a great race with friends and family is exactly what ultra-running is about. Your race entry includes you and one crew member/pacer’s park entry all other crew must pay a $2 park entry fee. The fee will cover them for the entire event.

Pacers will be allowed to start at 11am. Runners will be allowed a single pacer while they are on the course. Pacers must meet runners at the Aid Station.

Crew members will not be allowed to drive through the park during the race. Crew members will only be allowed to access runners at the designated race headquarters.

Pre-Race Meeting

The Pre-Race Meeting will be at least 10-15 minutes prior to start. All runners must attend!

Race Rules:

The following regulations will be strictly enforced for the safety of runners, crew members, pacers, volunteers, visitors and the park:

  • The use of headphone is highly discouraged. If you do wear headphones please only keep one in or the volume low. The RD has the right to ask any runner to remove their headphone if that runner’s music becomes a safety concern.
  • No pooping on the course!
  • “Take nothing but photos and leave nothing but footprints.” Do not be a litter pig there are plenty of garbage cans throughout the course.
  • Be polite to all runners, volunteers, park staff and volunteers.
  • Do not feed the wildlife or play with snakes. Putnam county has been on the news enough this year for snake bites. If you see any snakes or alligators on the course please notify the AS or park ranger.
  • Race bibs must always be visible from the front. Do not pin bibs on your packs, back of your shirts, hats, shorts, etc…
  • This is strictly a road course. Running on the grassy shoulder is not allowed unless you are giving right away to a passing vehicle. This course is certified through USATF and was measured only on the road. Any runners failing to comply with this will be removed from the race and listed as a DNF.
  • If you think about dropping from the race at any point please have a pep talk with one of the veteran AS volunteers, sit for a minute and really think about what you are contemplating. After all options have been exhausted please notify the RD or AS volunteer.
  • All runners will follow the direction of medical persons. The RD has the right to pull any runner he feels is unfit to continue. This is for your safety.
  • Do not cut the course!! Any runners found cheating will be asked to leave immediately.
  • Headlamps or handhelds are required during the nighttime hours. The given time will be announced during the pre-race meeting.
  • Vehicle speed limits and traffic guidelines will be strictly enforced.